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Coastal Home Health Solutions of Florida, Home Health Care & Hospice Medicare Appeals and Chart Reviews


Coastal Home Health Solutions, Home Health Care and Hospice Provider Consultants of Florida
Home Health Care Consultants of Florida

Phone: 561-628-6614
Fax: 561-914-8600

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Coastal Home Health Solutions is a full service Home Health Care Consulting Firm offering the solutions your Home Health Care Facility needs to succeed.
Owned by and run by dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced RN's!

Chart Reviews, Charts Pre Audits & ADR Request Preparations
Coastal Home Health Solutions can remotely pre audit your charts and help you prepare them for an ADR request. Let us prepare outstanding appeal letters for you at all stages throughout the appeal process. By utilizing our extensive knowledge and understanding of Medicare rules and policies we can help you defend yourself against the RAC, MAC and ZPIC companies. Our success rates are in the high 90% range.

Medicare Documentation Standards Consultation and Education
Documentation is everything and our focus is to instruct you in the use of defensible documentation in order to prevent the chances of your chart being denied due to poor documentation. Many charts are denied on the basis of poor documentation and it is an easy way for the auditing companies to get their hands on your money as they are paid a contingency fee on every chart that they deny. Never before has the use of correct documentation been so vitally important. Coastal Home Health Solutions can demonstrate to you how to instruct your field staff and supervisors the correct way to document.

Proper Face to Face Form Completion Demonstrations
Face to Face forms are frequently denied by being deemed insufficient by auditors. If the Face to Face is denied the whole chart is automatically denied and won't even be looked at. This is costly and time consuming for your business and easily avoided if filled in correctly in the first place. Get it right first time, every time by allowing us to demonstrate what is expected from Medicare on a face to face form.

Do Your Charts Meet Medicare's Standards?
You may scan, email or fax your charts to us for review. We shall audit every inch of the chart to ensure the documentation is up to Medicare standards. That all forms are filled out properly and that orders and frequencies are correct. After we have audited your charts we shall go over with you in detail exactly what we found wrong and how to correct that in the future.  Our aim is to help you understand why you were audited and what you can do to reduce your chances of being audited in the future.

Chart Audit Services for Federal Agents and Attorneys
Coastal Home Health Solutions consultants are also available to audit charts for federal agents and attorney offices. Let us review the charts for you for; fraud, over utilization of services and medical negligence.

Coming Soon!
Shortly we shall have information packets available for purchase to provide patients with information pertaining to their diagnosis. Instructing patients is a vital part of enabling them to understand their health condition and steps they can take to keep healthy and avoid admission or re-admission to the hospital. Hospitals are penalized when patients are readmitted and you can be sure hospitals will not be referring to home health agencies with high readmission rates