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Coastal Home Health Solutions of Florida, Home Health Care & Hospice Medicare Appeals and Chart Reviews


Coastal Home Health Solutions, Home Health Care and Hospice Provider Consultants of Florida
Home Health Care Consultants of Florida

Phone: 561-628-6614
Fax: 561-914-8600

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About Us
We are a web based company founded by registered nurses with extensive experience in Medicare accredited home health agencies. We specialize in Medicare Pre- audits, additional documentation requests (ADRs), Direct Data Entry (DDE) denials, Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs), Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) and Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPIC) appeals.

Our Mission
To assist Medicare accredited home health care agencies keep their hard earned dollars in their pockets, and out of the hands of the predatory RAC and MAC companies. No home health agency is safe from the clutches of companies such as Connolly, Maximus and ZPIC. Sooner or later there shall be that dreaded request from a RAC requesting your charts. Or even worse you shall receive notice from ZPIC, or be put on a 100% pre payment clause. There are new auditing companies hungry to get their hands on your charts, springing up all over the place, or so it seems. Unfortunately in today's world, it is not a case of what the government will do for you, it is a case of what the government will do to you. We help you protect your business from those often unwarranted interferences.

These auditing companies are paid by the Federal Government on a contingency basis to find reason to deny your claim and force you to pay back monies already paid to you or refuse payments owed to you! They are eager to find mistakes or deny on the basis of patient not homebound and/or not medically necessary, or face to face form (FTF) incomplete etc.

Our Vision
As nurse consultants, to empower home health agencies to be knowledgeable in the correct way to document patient care to ensure payment and survive the inevitable audit process. And to ensure your nurses/therapist are able to accurately determine if the patient meets Medicare guidelines as outlined in their policies. Moreover, we instruct on what constitutes homebound and/or medically necessary as per Medicare policies. We shall audit your medical charts and advise you of the changes that need to be implemented in your practice in order to save you money and quite possibly your business.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism when dealing with our clients and endeavor to make the auditing process as pain free and seamless as possible. The nurses at Coastal Home Health Solutions are passionate about what they do and will assist in any way we can to help insulate and improve your business. Our core values include our desire to provide an outstanding and consistent service to you by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the auditing and appeals process.

Legal Disclaimer
We are nurse consultants not lawyers, and do not claim to have any professional legal expertise and do not practice law. Accordingly, if you are in legal difficulties or have any legal questions whatsoever you must consult with a duly licensed lawyer qualified to assist you. While we do our utmost, we can never guarantee that we will win your appeal, as that decision lies solely with the entity dealing with your appeal.